Nuisance Wildlife Control
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steve@smlhomerepair.com                                                                                            Woodchucks/Groundhogs
   The woodchuck is a ground dweller. Making a home of up to 25' in length and down 5'. With an enterance, alternate enterance/exit (sometimes more), birthing chamber, an area to turn around, and a bathroom area. These animals are very smart, efficient, and clean.
   ‚ÄčA woodchuck eats plants, berries, veggies, buds, and tree leaves. These babies were still nursing  but they were also eating solids. They really liked the berries from the nearby tree, the carrots and apple in the cage, but not the cabbage. They can climb trees for leaves or berries. Breeding happens from March through April. The male and female will stay together until (about a 30 day gestation period) the young are born then the male will move on. They seem to like grassy fields or wooded edges. Woodchucks have a very good sence of hearing and smell that help them detect food and when danger is near. They are one of the few true hibernators. 
Now this can be a problem. This mom had four babies under this back porch and they were all to cozzy and close to the residents, causing quite a scare at times. Although very cute, this is not the place for them. They had been feeding on a near buy mulberry tree.