Home Repair, Improvements & Nuisance Wildlife Control
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*     Wildlife Control, Damage Repairs, and Prevention
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*     Wood Projects
*     No Job Too Odd!!
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Owner Steve Lathrop                 
S.M.L. Home Repair                
860 878 4481                             
We want you to be completely satisfied with our work.  All our work is done with safety, honesty, and confidence .  We take your ideas and concerns very seriously. 
Bring us any and all ideas you have and we can help you figure out the most practical and economic way to get the job done.
Regular Hours
8am til 4:30pm
Estimates and Animal
Inspections available
HIC#602078                             NO#1038
Animal Control Manchester Police Department
S.M.L. Home Repair, Improvements & Nuisance Wildlife Control
HIC.#602078 - NO#1038
steve@smlhomerepair.com 860-878-4481
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