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Rodent Control 

Mice and Rats

Rats and mice ( Rodents ) are awful creatures. They can spread germs and diseases in living areas and urinate, leave droppings, hantavirus, rat-bite fever.  They cause damage to building structures, stored food and wiring because they can chew through materials like wood and some metals like thin metal

Norway or Brown Rat

  The Norway rat, about 8 to 10 inches, must have water daily to survive.
   Rats live where food and water is readily available.
They tunnel under dumpsters, buildings or concrete,
causing damage to drainage lines, building foundations
or blocking by undermining.

  They usually live around the lower floors of a building and sometimes live in attic spaces. 

   Norway or Brown rats are grayish-brown or brown and
heavy-set with a rounded nose.
The tail is as long as the head and body together and appears scaley. 
Adults weigh in at 3/4 to 1 lb. Their droppings are
3/4 inches long and oval-shaped. They have 8-12 babies a litter
and up to 7 litters a year. 

Mice normally live outdoors in fields and wooded areas, and winter time occasionally moving into homes or buildings. In houses, they live behind walls, basements, boxes, crawl spaces and in cabinets and furniture. Mice can survive almost anywhere and need very little space, food, or water.

   Mice generally make their nests within 50-100 feet of their food source. 


   Because rodents breed every three to four weeks, you need to act quickly to rid them of your home or business at the first sign of invasion.

   Rodent proofing your home or work place is key!
​Let S.M.L. Rodent Trailblazer seal your house for you.
   ​We will inspect your foundation, basement, and other areas for access and seal off these spots.

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