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Thank You for checking out my
​Original "Rodent Trailblazer"!
  This is an interesting and test proven, true told way to locate mice entry holes.
   Read the instructions for best results.
   #1 fill the bait cap​, re-place on powder tube.
   #2 ​spoon a pile of powder in the middle of the tube and
​re-place entry cap
   #3 place the tube in suspected areas​ of rodent activity.​​​
Mice can climb wire, fence, screen, chimney brick and stone façade.
Mice get in barns, sheds, foundations, and cars.
The longer the Trailblazer sits, the longer the trail will be.
​Use the provided UV Black light​ to light up the blazed trail!
​If the Blazed Trail fades, Move the tube in that direction​.
The powder will get damp and can help stick to the rodent​ providing deposits much further away. Over time the path will be clear and the rodents have done "Half!" the work for you. This can be a fun project that will prove efficient!
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Thank you, Steve Lathrop​
S.M.L. Wildlife Control & Home Products
The Original
​"Rodent Trailblazer"
​Find the entry holes​