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The gray squirrel is seen in forests, parks, and yards. The Gray most commonly seen  squirrel. Some areas of connecticut have Black squirrels. Grays mate late winter and spring, having an average of five or six young in a litter. I've had juveniles early as late February. The late litters are usually born late July-ish and are independent after to 13 weeks. Nests can be found in tree tops and hollowed tree cavities, also in attics,sheds and barns. Grays are social and will tolerate others near or in the nesting area. All they need is a 2" hole or some rotten wood to access your house or attic. They eat mostly nuts, berries, mushrooms, seeds, and corn. Very smart, agile and sometimes unpredictable.
The Southern Flying Squirrel (glaucomys volans) is more common in CT than the Northern Flyer. measuring 8"-10", they are gray-brown on the back and sides with a white belly. They have a flattened tail, loose skin between it's legs for gliding, and large black eyes for night time activity. Largely nocturnal and rarely seen.  
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