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     Conflicts between humans and wildlife have a wide range of situations.
​Some problems are severe to some and the same situation is perfectly acceptable to others. 
     S.M.L. Nuisance Wildlife can explain the conflicts with humans and animals behaviors.

​Squirrels living in the eves of your attic, garage or shed, inside old or broken chimney brick

​​Raccoons also living in your garage, shed, or chatter and scratching coming from the fireplace damper.
    ​These guys will rip open a rotted or weak roof area to get in the attic

If you dig holes in the ground for a den, sneak under a shed near a food source, love eating clover; You might be a "woodchuck"!

     "Large black rice looking stuff in the attic?" There are piles of it everywhere!". You might see the same stuff under your front door awning. Could be bats living in the nooks and crannies of your house or barn. 

     "Burned rubber?" You have a skunk that was either defending itself or has deceased on your property. Or another animal was sprayed and is carrying the odor with it.

      Little black or brown, rice size pieces of something? Or even underneath your sink? My guess that is this is the needle in the haystack of a mouse problem. Please put the whole drawer of utensils in the sink or dishwasher, please!!!

     Too many scenarios to list! Please call with your questions! S.M.L. will come for a multi point inspection   WI-FI Video Monitoring available for some situations.

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