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    S.M.L. Home Repair has been serving Manchester, CT and surrounding towns for over 20 yrs
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S.M.L. Nuisance Wildlife Control
    We've adapted the Nuisance Wildlife control and Animal Removal to our services to better aid in repairs on damage made by nuisance animals. Any repairs can be taken care of; but if the offending animal is still in the area or in the dwelling, it can cause further damage, like a mother animal trying to get back to her babies nested in an attic. The damage made by animals, such as squirrels,(grays, fox, and fliers) or even more "raccoons" can be costly and cause damage, and also the droppings from these animals can be hazardous to your health. For example, although rare, bat droppings called "guano" can be unhealthy in large amounts. You should be careful when dealing with different animals and their behaviors. Animals like bats, raccoons, fox, and skunks can carry the rabies virus. These animals should only be handled by certified NWCO trained and licensed personnel.
Our NWCO services provide removal, repairs, and preventive maintenance. Soffit areas and gable vents are great places for animals to access your home, business, or barn. Some animals prefer basement, crawlspace access, under a porch, or shed to raise their young.

Animal Control Manchester Police Department
S.M.L. Home Repair, Improvements & Nuisance Wildlife Control
HIC.#602078 - NO#1038
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