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     People mistake little critters for other ones. Meaning someone seeing a shrew will say "oh, there is a mole stuck in my window well" or someone will say "I have mice running around my landscaping" but they are voles, and a lot of the time they may never see a mole but the mole is blamed for a lot of things they didn't do.

      Moles are somewhat beneficial because they eat grubs and different worms living at the root level, that my kill grass and plants that you have on your property and in your landscape.
At the same time they maybe helping your lawn, they ar also leaving behind big ugly lump in your yard making mowing your grass a nightmare.

      Moles, Voles, and Shrews use some of the same trails to get from point A to point B.

     While moles do what they do, the shrew is also eating seeds, insects, nuts, worms and a variety of other foods in leaves on the ground and will also eat dead animals. They can get into your basement and cause problems. The way to distinguish a shrew from a mouse is to look at the droppings, they are very different to the trained eye.

     Voles look like mice and sometimes called field or meadow mice. While eating a lot of the same foods as the shrew and mice, they like small plants and some root systems. They are known largly for killing landscape plants and trees by girdling the bark. The vole will use a maze of tunnels with many exit points and are sometimes mistaken for other ground squirrel activity like chipmunks.
After a thorough inspecting of your yard and property area affected, S.M.L. Nuisance Wildlife will set up a trapping program with you.
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