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     Conflicts between humans and wildlife have a wide range of situations.They can have many different angles of problems. Some problems are severe to some people and the same situation is perfectly acceptable to others. 
     S.M.L. Nuisance Wildlife is here to help with understanding both sides of issues concerning conflicts with humans and animals and animal behaviors.
     Services provided by S.M.L. Nuisance Wildlife also include a wide range of situations;

     Squirrels living in the eves of your attic, garage or shed.
Or squirrels in your chimney.

     Raccoons also living in your garage, shed, attic or "Honey, did you hear that chatter and scratching coming from the fireplace damper?"

     Maybe you have a big pile of dirt that suddenly appeared from under your house foundation, shed, garage or in the middle of a field where you may have livestock that could break a leg in a hole like that. Well, you probably have a "woodchuck".

     "Gosh what is all that black rice lookin' stuff in the attic? There are piles of it everywhere!". You might see the same stuff under your front door awning.
      You may have a colony of bats living in the nooks and cranies of your house or barn.This is sometimes good or sometimes bad depending on the roosting site.

     "Oh my!! What is that awful smell, like burned rubber?" You have a skunk that was either defending itself or has deceased on your property.

     Have you ever pulled open your silverware drawer and found little black or brown, smaller than rice size pieces of something? Or even underneath your sink? My guess that is this is the needle in the haystack of a mouse problem. Please put the whole drawer of utensils in the sink or dishwasher, please!!!

     There are so many different situations that have been heard that we can't list them all!!! Please call to ask your questions! S.M.L. can answer your question right away and will find out what the problem is either by an inspection or other means available to us!!   WI-FI Video Monitoring available for some situations.

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